The Team

Matt is an accomplished YouTuber/Influencer, an experienced videographer, and a digital content producer. He has been creating content on YouTube for over 10 years and in that time has managed multiple million-subscriber channels.

Matt Cobuzio
Director of YouTube

Michael is an experienced cinematographer and video editor. Michael has single handedly directed, produced, shot, and edited a wide range of digital content, including “Coming Home”, a short-film that won the Audience Best University of Tampa Short Film in the 2019 Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Michael Cobuzio
Director of production
Jay Tran
DP & EDItor


Jay is a director of photography and an editor with experience creating both scripted and unscripted narratives for recording artists, YouTube companies, and celebrities. Outside of film, he is a talented musician, dancer, and overall creative in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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