As we move into 2020, we are looking to expand and add valued members to our team. If interested, apply below!

Executive Producer

Matt Cobuzio is an accomplished YouTuber/Influencer, an experienced videographer, and a digital content producer. Matt has been creating content on YouTube since 2009. With nearly 2 million subscribers and 450+ million views across his two channels, he has garnered an audience for both his creative ability and unique personality.  Since finding success as a content creator on YouTube, Matt has gone on to further explore his other passions. In 2017 and 2018, Cobuzio was the executive producer of two Call of Duty eSports Tournaments:: Zombies World Championship 1 and 2. He also co-produced a Twitch-sponsored livestream called Arcade Cloud Live that focused on virtual reality gaming. 

To learn more about Matt, check out his LinkedIn.

Matthew Cobuzio
Michael Cobuzio

Director of Photography

Michael Cobuzio, a recent Film & Media Arts graduate from the University of Tampa, is an exceptional videographer and editor. Michael single-handedly directed, produced, shot, and edited "Coming Home", a short-film that won the Audience Best University of Tampa Short Film in the 2019 Giff Gasparilla International Film Festival. Michael's visual storytelling technique has brought him to multiple locations across the United States to work on a variety of projects such as wedding videos, college football games, music videos, and more. 

To learn more about Michael, check out his LinkedIn.

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